All ‘bout psychic prejudice.

Do you have cosmic love for dogs?
If yes, then you might feel maimed, reading this.

So, this refers to a case that recently took place in Chennai, India. A medical student throws a dog off terrace. Quite disturbing are the visuals that just popped into your mind unconsciously, right? How hurt it must’ve been. How loudly it must have howled on hitting the ground- that ground which was as hard as the tossers heart. For how long it lied there, helpless, crying for help, in sheer pain?
*And a few more similar-saddening type questions*
Did that student involve himself in such big of a crime that every second person thrashed him all over social media? Well, It is not about a yes or a no.
It is about the thought to a fact that ‘Is dog the only animal out of all that has a life, feelings and emotions?’
Is dog the only animal that possesses a soul?

Well, we have meat eaters all over. Where are all those thrashers who have meat shops right there at the end of their lane? Why don’t they shoutout when they see hens, chicks and lambs being cut down brutally? Haven’t they seen how they slash life out of those cows for beef? They don’t have lives, do they?
I wonder how anyone can possibly prove injustice towards a dog more unethical than that commercialized world of meat.

An entire police team was formed to fetch for that student as if he was a potential threat to entire nation. Not to say that he did right but if he didn’t do right,
*neither did most of us*.

We humans are so corrupted that we somehow developed a soft corner for dogs and left the other animals to feel blue. Or maybe we humans are not just perfectly articulate.
I entirely agree with the fact that as a homo our stance is a mere ragbag of views on both emotional and intellectual grounds but If only we thought utterly with our head and not with heart, once a situation, we would have had overcome the hypocrisy within us.

It was Andrew Rowan, director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy at Tufts University, who stated:
” As a psychologist who studies the way people think morally, I am sobered (and saddened) by the cold truth that people are often blind to the inconsistencies in their thinking. “
Well, Andrew Rowan explains everything.

By the way, you are an animal lover or a dog fan? 😉
P.S. I Love Dogs. ❤

 -Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓