via Daily Prompt: Praise

Morning Coffee. Love. Oxygen. Home. Afternoon Coffee. Friends. Lovers. Money. Evening Coffee. Food. Sex. Dreams. One-last-coffee-before-sleep.ย 

Well, these were the sine qua non of a beautiful life.
Did I just miss something?
Imagine you made steaming hot, kinda sassy coffee for ’em.
Did you just expect ’em to praise you for that?
Imagine you crossed borders to just see ’em & to show you love ’em.
Did you just expect ’em to praise you a li’l ?
Imagine you just gave ’em a sex for the lifetime.
Did you just expect ’em to praise you for rocking in that couch?

Got what went missing. This one 6 letter small word.
P R A I S E.ย 

We fail terribly in realizing how this small word rules our world. How it takes control of our emotions and feelings. Not to say that this word ‘praise’ shouldn’t be given this much power but one must realize its importance for the existence of happiness in our lives and others, too, as a matter of fact.

Why do we do some stuff for others and a billion of things for our loved ones’?
For their sole satisfaction?
We are ‘humans’. Ya, I know you know that. But, It’s hard for us to do things solely for anyone. There lies a slight touch of ‘selfishness’ behind it. And by selfishness I mean – our own happiness within theirs. Where do we find our happiness, though? How do we secretly fulfill ย our selfish agenda?
It is not merely in their smile but also in the way and to the amount of extent they praise us. ‘Cause if they don’t, we begin to feel ‘taken-for-granted’.
You just felt offended,right? I know.

The world is full of
‘Whatever I’ll ever do,
will be only for you.
Would expect nothin’ in return,
May you be my dusk but I’ll be your sun.’
kinda people, more specifically, ‘lovers’.
L I A R S.

Who are we lying to? Our own selves.
We do expect every time. Every single time.
We do expect ’em to praise us. Laud us. Applaud us. If not flatter than at least thank us. And ‘rest-of-the-praise-synonyms’ us.

Sadly, the world praise us less, pounds us more.
Even more sadly, the world is us. You. Me. Most of us.

If we hold that much of sensitivity towards how important praisal is to us then why do we forget that it is equally crucial for those who do things for us, care for us, love us, respect us, makes coffee for us.
The theory is quite simple,
If you expect ย nothin’ but a ‘thank-you’ then begin applauding ’em, too.

Maybe, it’s tit-for-tat.

So, when was the last time you praised someone?

There’s a lot more beyond just praising the lord.
Not to forget, you gotta praise yourself, too.ย 

P.S. Praise brings peace.๐Ÿ’

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.๐Ÿ’“