via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

A tendency of mine,
to stick to the point I believe in.
But every night when we dine,
I’m cursed as if it is a sin.

They, the mockers,
aren’t some strangers.
But are my own beloveds,
even the once whom I once fed.

All of this mockery,
for what?
All in the name of worry,
of how will I adjust,
with the one I’ll marry.

They call me names,
they call me stubborn.
It feels they are trying to maim,
On the very inside, I feel so torn.

The disgust makes me wonder,
Is it too life risking to have a say?
In the nightmares, while I wander,
I believe, without a creed, I’d be so grey.

No matter what,
I can’t let go off that spark.
I’ll be up with a firm thought,
with stubbornness as my mark.

Times when I’ll go wrong,
I’ll listen to ’em
Might even write a song
for how false I am.

But, the times when I’ll feel,
that I’ve thought for quite long.
I’ll be dead stubborn for ’em to deal.
And my stand will prolong.

‘Cause it is never about
their grant or consent.
Let even there be a drought.
Not for even a tank of water,
I shall ever bend.

I’ll let ’em try
to mock me down.
But I gotta control that cry
& make my verdict, my own noun.

And carry my stubbornness as beautifully as fashionistas carry their gown. 👠

Be stubborn. Be sexy. Be sassy. 💋

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓