"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


October 2016

Bridging infinity. ♥

(Picture Credits: Beaconheights) Bridge via Daily Prompt: Bridge Crying and walking this bridge, 'Cause they say- One must bridge the gap to save and strengthen relations. It lessens the distance, they say. Hopelessly walking the so-called bridge. Yes, HOPELESSLY, 'Cause... Continue Reading →

Smoking soul.🚬

For all those who let go off their real soul like a mere smoke to get attention of others.

End Terrorism: A pun?

(Picture Credits: Divine Tracks, killing 'em softly) Banned via Daily Prompt: Banned What these countries fight for? To become the most superior of all? If supremacy is their only aim, I can sense big humanitarian downfall. Rather than banning incendiaries and... Continue Reading →

What is it?

(Picture Credits: scontent.cdninstagram) Wondering what is all this I'm gazing at the stars. A li'l sad, a li'l curious I'm here, sitting on the grass. Why couldn't life be as simple as a yes or no? Why my answers are always... Continue Reading →

To the feelings: Underground.💌

Underground An extrovert yet a writer yet a girl keeping her feelings underground. However absurd and ironical it may seem, knowing quite well that it has left you keen. Not going to answer you, honestly, won't be able to. Digging deep... Continue Reading →

Old wines.💔

Alone in the backseat of the car, I'm passing the same road. Can hear the echo of memories, hitting the right nostalgic chord. I can sense the winters being nearby, with the cold breeze striking my skin. Intimidating me to question... Continue Reading →

Pain? Bear it.☁💦

And today, Pain has taken hold of me,  has taken solid hold of my heart. I am mostly sane, I am mostly what they call the strongest soul. Yes,'mostly', but not this time not when I have dared to scribble as... Continue Reading →

Pride & Plight; of a Muslimah.🎭

Born in a Muslim family, But to the surprise Not in a conservative one. 'Happy to have a baby girl’, they exclaimed out of joy. Don’t take it as fictitious, they were happy for real. Happier than any pretentious  family... Continue Reading →

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