Born in a Muslim family,
But to the surprise
Not in a conservative one.
‘Happy to have a baby girl’,
they exclaimed out of joy.
Don’t take it as fictitious,
they were happy for real.
Happier than any pretentious
 family *of-whatever-caste* would’ve been.
Divine life during childhood, as believed by all.
But then
‘Adolescence’ was eagerly
waiting for its turn.
Waiting to burn divinity,
to burn peace, piousness,
happiness, life
and relationship with family.
Got confined to what they call
‘Teenage constraints’.
The outfit got lengthier
and more opaque.
And so did the freedom.
Managed much
and that passed too.
Then arrived adulthood
and with adulthood-
arrived ‘HIJAB’.

Many difficulties
in wearing it, for sure
but then also
there’s this pride for a
Muslimah, too!
The pride that half of the
world is unaware of.
The pride that is covered
by the hurdles we face.
Adding to the unconventional,
began working in the
hi-fi corporate world.
Like the half of the world,
I, too began losing something
in remaining covered in black.
in the corporate world
play a crucial role in the
most bizarre manner.
Family tradition plus
the momentum of the profession
plus the high heels.
A Muslim woman has
to maintain it all.
Not to say that other women don’t.
The hurdles become overpowering
in working wearing both
Hijab and heels.
Now, which ‘H’ to choose?
Hijab or Heels?
Which ‘P’ to choose?
Pride or Plight?
Shall I wear Hijab and not heels
and continue to feel pride
and make family happy?
Shall I put on those heels and not
Hijab and kick off the plight I face?
The choice to make is difficult.
I do both.
I sometimes kick the pride
and sometimes let go off the plight.
But to the minds out there,
A Muslim lady
doesn’t always hate putting a veil,
or her traditional aspects.
At times, she might
won’t accept it.
But many a times, she may even
feel peace ‘cause of it,
and feel beautiful in it.
It isn’t about she wearing Hijab,
about the veil,
it is all about her choice.
Neither not putting it on is wrong
nor is wearing it.
What’s wrong is
compulsion and enforcement.

P.S. ‘Don’t ban the concept of Hijab in your own brains, just ban those mindsets forcing a Muslim woman (Muslimah) to put it on even when she doesn’t want to’
–a message by a Muslim woman,
a 25 year old,
a beautiful phlegmatic personality.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓