And today,
Pain has taken hold of me, 
has taken solid hold of my heart.
I am mostly sane,
I am mostly what they call
the strongest soul.
but not this time
not when I have dared to scribble
as a first person, for the first time.
Not this time when
 I’m jotting down my blue muse. 
The ink seems wet,
oh, my sadness has begun to weep. 
They say it right,
you visualize what you feel.
Even the paper has turned blue
like my thoughts have.
And out of the blue
I recollect,
the advises I gave to the gloomy faces,
to the broken hearts-
“Distraction is the key,
turn into a busy bee”, I advised.
I knew I was lying back then.
I knew, the emotion ‘pain’
is as strong as ‘love’.
The worst of the pains
is not a mere matter of diversion.
Nothing can conquer it
except ‘contentment’. 
Nevertheless, I tried it, too.
As expected, I failed, too.
It is only now that
I’ve profoundly understood 
the depth of sorrow and pain. 
It is only now that 
I’ve stopped advising them the same. 
Because the truth has been known,
pain is like a prolonged rope.
You’re on one side and
happiness is on the other,
there on the top, the very top.
And so I know,
I need to climb it and be there.
No one’s advise, no distraction,
no busy brains can act as an escalator.
And so I know,
I need to bear the pain
and try and win my own smile.
As of now,
Pain has continued to take hold of me
I’m prepared for more,
the paper is still painted blue,
my thoughts – still the same,
but also
I’ve begun climbing my rope of agony.  
And now I advise the crying faces, 
bear the wet cheeks
and burning eyes
but try  hardest to 
get back the
rosy cheeks and glowing eyes.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓