(Picture Credits: Divine Tracks, killing ’em softly)


via Daily Prompt: Banned

What these countries fight for?
To become the most superior of all?
If supremacy is their only aim,
I can sense big humanitarian downfall.

Rather than banning incendiaries
and homicide in their own homes,
They believe in martyring
their dear neighbor’s wombs.

From exchanging sweets and blessings
to dropping bombs and explosives,
is all what we’ve sadly achieved,
did nothing but destroyed all our lives. 

What prize does the winning country gets?
Control and charge over the other.
Well, that comes with complimentary
deadly curse by millions of mothers.  

Leadership is a quality one must have,
is what we were taught in school.
Leadership on a world level is requisite
since when did it become a rule?

Has love, peace & harmony
amid the dominance, lost its gravity?
Look through my  petrified eyes,
My dreams are now of  serendipity.

Ain’t no need to ban
guns, missiles, and ammunition.
Terrorism is what needs overnight banning,
Damn, I know, it sounds like a pun. 

Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓