(Picture Credits: Beaconheights)


via Daily Prompt: Bridge

Crying and walking this bridge,
‘Cause they say-
One must bridge the gap
to save and strengthen relations.
It lessens the distance, they say.
Hopelessly walking the so-called bridge.
‘Cause I know
It might help me lessen the distance
and come closer to them
but it won’t let me overcome it,
the distance,
-a sad reality, they don’t say,
they never say.

Not to sound pessimistic but
I’ll never be able to cover the distance.
For the distance to be covered,
for it to lessen,
for the relations to turn better,
They need to walk, too.
And that too, towards you (me).
They need to approach me, too.
But they never do. 
At least, not since past few years.
They are done with me, it seems.
No, not that.
They’ve simply begun
something with other.
Something more interesting than me,
I believe.
‘Cause they run to me when
sad and lone.
No, they aren’t done with me
as they rush to me when they
need a shoulder to cry on.
Yes, I let them use me.
I rent them a shoulder to cry on
for a few moments of their
for a few moments of
I cry with them
I cry happy
‘Cause that is when I know
for the next few instants,
I don’t have to bridge any gap or so.
Damn, the proximity widens sooner
than I expect it to,
as soon as they have their soul consoled,
they begin to walk away ungrateful.
And then,
I stand up, too,
to walk that bridge again.
That bridge which I may not
ever conquer.
I can see them running fast
fast-away from me.
No more walking from my side now.
I’m now running this damn bridge,
to bridge the never-ending gap,
the infinite gap.

ever-increasing gap.

P.S. Love is insane, they say. How to regain my sanity then?
Hoping soon, anyway.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓