"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


November 2016

Happy Birthday Gargi Kate. ❤

This one's for you Gargi Kate (on the right). For unknowingly being my life saver. Never had confidence in friendship. To me, it was like a sinking ship. Gradually losing its grip. Thought it'll simply sink. I know, you (Gargi)... Continue Reading →

Chaos: From within to around.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) via Daily Prompt: Chaotic Such rush when I'm with you. Maybe it's the adrenaline. Feels like a sin, being with such a beaut. Too much of chaos I feel Not between us But all around us whenever... Continue Reading →

Together were we.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) via Daily Prompt: Aromatic Together were we. You were to me like a morning coffee. Always made me happy. You were quite Aromatic drove me a bit lunatic. You were no romantic which was a li'l pathetic... Continue Reading →

A Cursed Subject.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) Oh mother, I crave peace. It's all very ugly like crease. Like creases on an officer's uniform. Like a sad guy without a girl at prom.  History full of violence. Future similar to its past tense. With stories... Continue Reading →

Filter: For lovers and cigarettes.

(Picture via Daily Prompt: Percolate It was the burning end of may While lighting up the third one that day, 'Filter's a must', you spoke. You knew I was all broke. 'You'll die a li'l late', you whispered. I remember... Continue Reading →

Flames & Fragility.

(Picture Credits: via Daily Prompt: Flames Flames With a soul so fiery, And my stance; a bit dicey, Trying to take a decision. It almost feels like a mission. Whether to trust? And let myself rust? Or to move... Continue Reading →

Enforced ego-centrism.

(Picture Credits: BethanyMillersArt) Amass mournful faces, Amass a thousand tears, Have you forgotten that you haven't smiled in years? Amid caring about their sadness, you've stopped attending your own. Why have you become so careless, can't you see; your happiness is all... Continue Reading →

Oh! I am me. 👸

(Picture Crdits: Relish via Daily Prompt: Relish I'm almost like a baby, Who loves playing with teddy. Give me that furry ball of cuteness, And then look at my happiness. I'm like a mainstream rebellious teenager, Most open to danger... Continue Reading →

Cat bribed ’em.😻

Here's to my lamest response on one word prompt- Copycat. It can be fun reading, though. Please take monkey's side. 🙂

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