(Picture Credits: Copycat Hollywood)
via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Hang your tongue out
Let next be a pout

Do this, do that
Look! There’sย a Copycat.

He’ll run you insane
Ain’t no easy game

He’ll copy you
He’ll stick like a glue

Repeating everything you do
Not at all trying to woo.

Aiming to annoy
To him, you’re a toy

You must run
‘Cause he’s having lot of fun

Run faster
‘Cause you can’t bear him longer.

You are there, running.
I am here, writing.

A question, just popped
We’re being mocked

Why copycat has a ‘cat’?
When a monkey does most of that?

Monkey copies the most
Then why a cat gets to boast

What is this irony?
Did cat give word inventor-money?

Am so confused
No, I’m not boozed

Literature’s so mystifying
Am I lying?

P.S. Dare you say that cats are more of copycats than monkeys.๐Ÿ’
I’m not boozed, reminding you again.๐Ÿบ

Here’sย to the new world of copycats, not so new:

'Welcome! I'm sure you'll fit in nicely!'
(Picture Credits: Lowres.jantoo)