(Picture Crdits: penquins.deviantart.com)

via Daily Prompt: Relish

I’m almost like a baby,
Who loves playing with teddy.
Give me that furry ball of cuteness,
And then look at my happiness.

I’m like a mainstream rebellious teenager,
Most open to danger and stranger.
At constant revolt with parents,
As heartbreaking as new car dents.

I’m quite like a clinging girlfriend,
Will keep biting your soft ear end.
And I know that’s called an earlobe,
Boy, thinking of rhyming words ain’t an easy job.

I’m like a young wretched dude,
Smoking pot somewhere in the woods.
Dying to break the absent leash,
Sadly working in the direction of being a douche.

I’m like a beautiful feverish bride,
Unable to hide the excitement  of the new ride.
Relishing constant sighs of bliss,
Can’t wait for the ever fantasized kiss.

I’m like a concerned mother,
I care like no other.
Love being pampered like a child,
Along with my kinda drink; a li’l mild.

I’m like that street puppy,
It takes a mere pat to turn me chirpy.
To signal, I don’t have a tale to wiggle,
But have hands to cover the giggle.

I’m like me, oh, I am me.
Who’s often texted ‘Long time, no see’.
They complain about me being busy
But, leave me for now, I’m just happy
with me, with a li’l hard earned glee
I’m here, writing this poem, quite silly.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓