(Picture Credits: BethanyMillersArt)

Amass mournful faces,
Amass a thousand tears,
Have you forgotten
that you haven’t smiled in years?

Amid caring about their sadness,
you’ve stopped attending your own.
Why have you become so careless,
can’t you see; your happiness is all gone?

They may be mad,
They may be very sad.
You’ll begin ignoring your own pains,
this is something I always feared.

In the middle of consoling them;
you forget to wipe your own tears.
What did you do for yourself
except enjoying lone late night beers.

It’s not that you spend nights cuddling,
waking up happy as ever.
I know you had been crying all night,
woke up with eyes far heavier. 

Are your eyes this bright & twinkling,
that they can’t even look into them?
Can’t they see the blue behind black eyeballs?
Even if it’s a yes, then the excuse is too lame.

They, the sad, irritate me,
how come they not sense your sorrow.
When will you begin dressing up
rather than always adjusting their bow?

So cold of them to think of you as happy,
but you won’t ever tell them your misery.
When asked about your torments,
You are always in a hurry.

Darling, they’ll never feel you
or your pain.
But hiding it instead
will do nothing but turn it into disdain.

They are not the one’s to rely on.
They don’t deserve any solace from you.
Stop making them feel better,
Focus on enriching your own brew.

‘Cause you’ll die making them smile.
If they can’t see the soul dying in you,
They don’t deserve your pearl like words
‘Cause I can’t see them stepping in your shoe.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓