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via Daily Prompt: Flames


With a soul so fiery,
And my stance; a bit dicey,
Trying to take a decision.
It almost feels like a mission.

Whether to trust?
And let myself rust?
Or to move away?
Is it the only way?

I’m so very emotionally sabotaged.
This feeling ain’t new; of being dodged.
Knowing that I’ve always been an option.
Discarded in the past for a better auction.

But you know for sure,
Love has no cure.
Once fallen in love,
It’s hard becoming a dove.

No, I haven’t burnt to ash yet.
My soul is still flaming with full zest.
Though, I’m not shocked for real at all.
‘Cause it all happened long ago in the fall.

The Flames so invisible,
Almost invincible.
All of these so bare,
Still all are unaware.

Though I left him years ago; officially.
As it all became too damn filthy.
But the memories haven’t faded at all.
With ‘love’ being an indestructible wall.

Moving on from the heart,
Seems way too hard.
I wish it was a bit agile.
‘Cause I’ve begun to feel fragile.

They ask me my wish.
It is to get out the feelings mush.
They ask me my goal.
It is to rescue the heart he once stole.

The heart he once stole.
The heart he stole.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.๐Ÿ’“