(Picture Credits: Pinterest)

Oh mother, I crave peace.
It’s all very ugly like crease.

Like creases on an officer’s uniform.
Like a sad guy without a girl at prom. 

History full of violence.
Future similar to its past tense.

With stories capable of boiling blood.
Declaring that no man was of his word.

Is there any love tale?
In it, did we all fail?

Is it confined to Shakespeare’s literature?
No chapter for it in subject-history to feature? .

From killing to empowering,
Apart from it, do you find anything?

From war to bloodshed,
We teach them through the dead.

 Is history cursed?
For it only hints about the substandard.

In it I find no grace,
As for harmony; it has no place. 

Why it has to be so savage?
It is all nothing but a baggage.

Can’t it be shaped divine?
Slightly turning from what’s genuine. 

Why this subject ‘History’ has to be full of wars and hatred and pain and power?
Does it deserve no place for love, peace and harmony?
Or did they do nothing moral to mention? They sure, did.
I wish there was more to this subject than just torment and agony.
Like something called ‘warmth and love among the states or countries’.

-From my naive 12 year old brain (once upon a time).

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.