(Picture Credits: Pinterest)
via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Such rush
when I’m with you.
it’s the adrenaline.
Feels like a sin,
being with such a beaut.
Too much of chaos
I feel
Not between us
But all around us
whenever we’re alone.
You and me
I feel so lucky.
Like countless
colorful balloons
are floating up there.
That’s life with you.
Rich and glowing.
Like a picturesque
with no sorrow spot.
You did something
Turned a Chaotic soul
into a serene one
There is still this
chaos and havoc
but only around me.
Not within me.
Only around me
with your
shield of presence
saving me.

..and mine saving yours.

-Ananya, the verbal seduction.๐Ÿ’“