This one’s for you Gargi Kate (on the right). For unknowingly being my life saver.

Never had confidence in friendship.
To me, it was like a sinking ship.
Gradually losing its grip.
Thought it’ll simply sink.

I know, you (Gargi) don’t believe it.
You consider it as wit.
Now you want me to sit.
And ask, ‘what is this shit’.

Well, it is all a reality.
And I know, it’s way too pity.
But I ain’t guilty.
Believe me, I’m not being witty.

But then you came in.
To bring in all the grin.
Saving me from worldly sins.
Just to help me win.

To help me come over my blemishes.
You stepped in with loads of wishes.
To pull me out of my niches.
To save me from the cliches.

Back then, life was sharp & Pungent.
It’s like, you came to put in the scent.
To make it sweet & fragrant.
Nothing but perfect, I meant.

Thank you for being by my side.
For almost being a guide.
For listening to me when I cried.
For inducing soul into me when I nearly died.

Gargi, You’re more than a mate.
And for which, I deeply thank my fate.
For making me wait.
And to you too, for making life great.

To my best friends’ birthday.