“Yes, I am old fashioned in matters of the heart.” – This, yes, this.
I wish we all were old fashioned in the matters of heart. There would’ve had been so less heart breaks and heart aches. World would have been a better place. If all were like this, there would have had been more of piousness, I suppose. If given one magical power, I’d turn everyone into you. Into me. Into the people who dealt with matters of heart in the most old fashioned way.
But my ‘would’ve’s’ will remain the same.
P.S. The kind you are is something to be proud of, J. 🙂


I was recently asked how it was so easy for me to get over the end of my marriage of six years. My answer: it wasn’t. It was one of the toughest things I had to endure. And that’s just the thing about enduring. It’s hard. It’s ugly. It’s sad. It’s devastating. But in the end, it’s all you can do.

But to be able to pass through a tough time, I have realised, we must feel fully. Society will have us believe (with all the right intentions) that we mustn’t cry often. That it’s going to be fine. The truth is, it’s not going to be fine. You are going to be fine. Whatever it is you’re going through, will end. You, on the other hand, will go on.

So if it’s sadness, feel it fully so you can smile better. If it’s anger, let it rage on, so…

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