She was Moody yet again
No, it wasn’t her menstrual cycle.
Neither was any hormonal imbalance.
It was all because of Michael.

Michael, her so-called friend.
Who ate all her tuna fish.
Didn’t he know;
If offered, tuna will be her last wish.

But she loves Michael a lot.
Much more than just a friend does.
There is something fishy, it seems.
If it is, will they ever disclose?

But she loves tuna, too!
Way more than a dog loves his bone.
She’s so upset with him,
that all she now did was moan.

But hey! Now she’s silent.
As if, there’s no one home.
Silence stressed Michael so much;
That he has now called his mom.

‘You’ve done sin’, she told him.
He felt awfully helpless.
He was dying to hear her call for him.
But his apologies were worthless.

He heard her! ‘Yes, it’s her’.
He got excited hearing her sound.
Oh, wait! It is her scream out of anger.
Bubble of hope burst hitting the ground.

He feared facing her.
She’s so annoyed; he couldn’t gulp.
What could pacify her? he thought.
Would a dish full of tuna help?

He cooked the same for her.
She could smell her wish cooking.
She didn’t run,
for that would seem forgiving.
Rather, she came prancing.

Their eyes met.
He knew her mood changed again.
She knew that he knew.
That now she felt no pain.

She jumped at him first;
licked all his face.
Then at her cuisine,
ate like she was in a race.

‘Oh, Bella! My moody kitty’,
he cuddled her with affection.
Bella purring in a melodic tune
rubbed her face against him with adoration.

‘Oh, Bella! My moody little kitty’,
*Purr* *Purrrr* *Purrrrrrr*

 -Ananya, the verbal seduction.💓

Picture Credits.