The first ever interview as a blogger. Thank you so very much Ranjeeta Nath Ma’am for inviting me and for making it so special. This is so overwhelming. ❤


Have a say:Ananya, The Verbal Seduction


Always choose to slay this world via what you think expressed in the form of kind words;
Because, to have an opinion or to take a stand is to flaunt an identity, 
is to carry a special personality. 
Just never choose to stay quiet and let your thoughts choke and die in there.

They may be right.
But dear, you are not wrong either.
For, when ‘viewpoint’ is considered;
Your cap must have that feather.

The opinion made;
won’t be embraced by all.
The stance you take;
May even lead to a brawl.

But don’t let it make you weak.
‘Cause oppositions will come and go. 
Accept the contrast in views gracefully.
But save yourself from considering ‘em as ‘foe’.

Do think twice;
Before concluding.
Be thoroughly wise.
There’s no withdrawing.

Think a thousand thoughts, I’ll suggest;
So that you’re prepared for the…

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