With that soul a bit ripped.
And that spirit fully knitted.

I see you with that face.
Just can’t help but gaze.

With those eyes fully drugged.
And that shirt half tucked.

I feel you, at least, I try to.
Wondering if such woe could ever woo.

With that brain too occupied.
In search of a part of you,
that just died.

I know, right?
I’ve ran myself in search of light.

With that body quite lean.
And a heart too Clean.

I pity, not you but me.
‘Cause I can’t turn your life sunny.

With those fingers shaking.
And those lips trembling.

All I could do,
is hold you close and tight.
In hope that you’ll
find a reason to fight.

will you break in front of me?
Ever, in reality?

Or, will you leave me dreaming
About how will I be caressing.

Our love was beyond life.
And I, once and for all was your wife.

Oh, I see you rolling your eyes.
Ah, that’s my disguise.

Wait! Does that mean
I’ll have to come back from my grave?
‘Cause, I’m really not that brave.
But, there’s one thing I crave.

Just to run my fingers through your deep core.
To strengthen you more.

So, Please,
let me.

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-Ananya, the verbal seduction.