Serendipity Dream.
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You may be better.
But I need to be superior.

I may not be.
But I’ll claim to be.

I might not deserve to be one.
But it is my turn.

I need to be at the top.
Else, life’s a flop.

I don’t care about the pains.
I am only concerned about my gains.

I am the most cold you’ll ever find.
And I’ll let the peace grind.

My goal’s to rule you all.
You gotta learn to crawl.

I’m a narcissist.
Time now for you to rip of your wish lists.

I’m a peace destroyer.
Never letting you go back being a stroller.

I am no guilty,
Of making you dream of serendipity..

Oh, you will.

-This is what a soul who craves supremacy at the risk of humanity is all about; Wicked.

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-Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.