You loved me Lukewarm,
And I, like a storm.

Like a storm,
that destroys everything.
I loved you the same way,
and destroyed my believing.

Belief, I had in love being immortal.
And now I am; a mere ‘insecure girl.’

The world labelled me,
with the same.
Not just the world,
I gave myself; the same name.

‘Insecurity’ is now my thing.
And so are my endless efforts of recovering.

Efforts made in recovering
from your ‘Lukewarm‘ love.
What if you too loved me like a storm?
I sure would have failed to anymore evolve.

Here I am,
Thanking you,
To not love me like a storm,
For just flavoring me with love so Lukewarm.

Not anymore Yours,
Sweet Storm.

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Any secret message for me?

-Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.