That corner
was her Hideout.
That corner,
Where she’d shout out loud.

It was small,
It was unlit.
Folding legs with arms around,
She’d try to fit.

She’d look down.
With eyes shut.
Does nothing,
but would keep questioning her own guts.

She feels.
That she has lost.
Lost the battle.
For which she’d forever pay a cost.

With the tears.
She’d wet her sleeves.
She’d wipe ’em off too.
But would keep wondering why every one leaves.

She loved this place.
It was her corner.
Where she’d shed her pain.
She believed that corners are for loners.

And, this corner belonged to her.
Like, one corner belongs to every loner.

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Any secret message for me?

-Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.