"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


March 5, 2017


Words to the picture. ❤️

An Artist's Pursuit

img_20170302_230428 Hanging glasses.

Glasses of wine,

Is heavenly divine,

Floating in the flavors,

Every nerve favors.

Filling the life with colors,

Of all the lovers,

They think this is the peace,

But this is how the wine deceive.

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Meeting Again

"How we aren’t meant to be", This is so amazingly written.

Flower Like Love.

Flower like love: Rotten and Dead. To our love, which was once Vivid. Gradually turning dull and grey. Like a flower, bright and beautiful when it blooms. Just a few days pass by and it begins to rot. And nobody... Continue Reading →

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