“How we aren’t meant to be”,
This is so amazingly written.


“So we meet again”, you exclaim,

The blue of your eyes tingle hope.

Another chance of us,

your thoughts acclaim.
‘Pause the praise of destiny,

Cause we aren’t starting another journey.’

I think to myself but fail to confess

for my thoughts are in a war,still in a mess.
”Should it mean something?” I manage to utter

Rewinding your expressions to passive,

for a second I see you falter.
Drowning into your eyes I can see you crumble,

The corners of it twitching with pain,

and your unsure thoughts now a rumble.
Funny how I can still hear your sounds suppressed to others,

Similar to how mysteriously you do mine.

The jerk of ecstacy lasts a second for now this bothers,

Why is it us when we aren’t meant to entwine?
The unanswered questions are all I see.

The pinch of unknown pricks subtly.
And we gaze for another while,

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