Hurt nature, it’ll hurt you back soon. 

We talk of nature and its beauty,
And run away to hill stations to enjoy holidays.
We talk of nature and its safety,
But do we then run away to find the ways?

Ways to save that greenery,
Ways to save those mountains.
Stop blaming it on misery.
Stop hiding behind the curtains.

The curtains you hide behind,
Come out of the womb of Mother Earth itself.
But why would you mind,
As you feel no grief.

Grief that’s not being felt at all right now,
Will be felt soon by your children and mine.
Do you still not care to vow?
To save the nature, to let your children dine fine?

Sadly, ‘fine’ is I’m talking about.
Because that’s the max we can get.
The amount of catastrophe we’ve brought,
Prevents the quality of life to remain intact.

All that’s intact is our infidelity towards it,
And our cravings towards comfort.
But this comfort will soon lit,
It’ll lit into fire, will burn you to ashes
and you’ll then finally feel hurt.

Do you want to feel hurt?
Aren’t people enough to make you feel the pain
that you want nature to treat you the same?
If not, then come out of the cozy Blanket
take not just one step to save this Earth,
take many as one ain’t enough anymore.

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