"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.




A Man turned Lovers' desire. Her lips were Juicy and red. Tempting enough to picture her in bed. She filled me with so much of lust. The pervert in me now knew stardust. Just as dusk turns dawn. My 'lust' came and... Continue Reading →

Against the Odds.

  Against the Odds This picture was truly an 'Against the Odds' picture. Reason being, I remember that day on Amer Fort, Jaipur, when it started to rain heavily just when I decided to take a photograph of this duo.... Continue Reading →

My Summers’ night.

You're like my summers' night. Soaked naturally in darkest of darkness. Yet, decorated with the brightest of lights. Staring at me, teaching the divinity of calmness. Picture Credits. verbal.seduction Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

From tuna to melodic tune.

She was Moody yet again No, it wasn’t her menstrual cycle. Neither was any hormonal imbalance. It was all because of Michael. Michael, her so-called friend. Who ate all her tuna fish. Didn’t he know; If offered, tuna will be... Continue Reading →

Tripping over happiness.

Picture Credits. Maddening musings. Tickling thoughts. Smiling involuntarily. Unfurling knots. Reconciling rhapsody. Sublimating sadness. Exempting slowly. Breaking harness. Sensing freedom. Feeling breeze. Sipping tranquility. Breathing peace. Drinking mild. Tasting dull. Premixing tipple. Lusting alcohol.  -Ananya, the verbal seduction.

Stop following me.

Picture Credits. Why do you come wherever I go Not throwing any tantrum But you really need to grow. Thank God That you’re nocturnal Feel less flawed For, you look a lot like a pearl. Yes, you’re pretty More than... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gargi Kate. ❤

This one's for you Gargi Kate (on the right). For unknowingly being my life saver. Never had confidence in friendship. To me, it was like a sinking ship. Gradually losing its grip. Thought it'll simply sink. I know, you (Gargi)... Continue Reading →

Chaos: From within to around.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) via Daily Prompt: Chaotic Such rush when I'm with you. Maybe it's the adrenaline. Feels like a sin, being with such a beaut. Too much of chaos I feel Not between us But all around us whenever... Continue Reading →

Oh! I am me. 👸

(Picture Crdits: Relish via Daily Prompt: Relish I'm almost like a baby, Who loves playing with teddy. Give me that furry ball of cuteness, And then look at my happiness. I'm like a mainstream rebellious teenager, Most open to danger... Continue Reading →

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