"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


Puffing pain.

My Darling.

Your demons seemed familiar. Yet chose to look upon them through angelic eyesight. Well, now I know, It was the most dreadful blindfold I could put on my Instinct. The devil in you broke in every now and then. But... Continue Reading →

Trapped in your curse.

In your thoughts, Immersed so deep. Too deep I've gone, I need to take a leap. A leap so requisite, to jump out of your hallucinations. Don't misunderstand it for reverie. They are your mere awful visions. Visions of you in love,... Continue Reading →

Flower Like Love.

Flower like love: Rotten and Dead. To our love, which was once Vivid. Gradually turning dull and grey. Like a flower, bright and beautiful when it blooms. Just a few days pass by and it begins to rot. And nobody... Continue Reading →

Her Corner.

That corner was her Hideout. That corner, Where she'd shout out loud. It was small, It was unlit. Folding legs with arms around, She'd try to fit. She'd look down. With eyes shut. Does nothing, but would keep questioning her own guts.... Continue Reading →

Lukewarm Love.

You loved me Lukewarm, And I, like a storm. Like a storm, that destroys everything. I loved you the same way, and destroyed my believing. Belief, I had in love being immortal. And now I am; a mere 'insecure girl.' The... Continue Reading →

Please, let me.

With that soul a bit ripped. And that spirit fully knitted. I see you with that face. Just can't help but gaze. With those eyes fully drugged. And that shirt half tucked. I feel you, at least, I try to.... Continue Reading →

Come, cry with me.

Come, cry with me. Accompany me. Let us sit on that old-cold bench together. With the head uplifted towards the dark sky, let us cry those tears dying to roll down the curves, together and paint the blue, the apparent... Continue Reading →

Filter: For lovers and cigarettes.

(Picture via Daily Prompt: Percolate It was the burning end of may While lighting up the third one that day, 'Filter's a must', you spoke. You knew I was all broke. 'You'll die a li'l late', you whispered. I remember... Continue Reading →

Flames & Fragility.

(Picture Credits: via Daily Prompt: Flames Flames With a soul so fiery, And my stance; a bit dicey, Trying to take a decision. It almost feels like a mission. Whether to trust? And let myself rust? Or to move... Continue Reading →

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