"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


Puffing pain.

Enforced ego-centrism.

(Picture Credits: BethanyMillersArt) Amass mournful faces, Amass a thousand tears, Have you forgotten that you haven't smiled in years? Amid caring about their sadness, you've stopped attending your own. Why have you become so careless, can't you see; your happiness is all... Continue Reading →

Bridging infinity. ♥

(Picture Credits: Beaconheights) Bridge via Daily Prompt: Bridge Crying and walking this bridge, 'Cause they say- One must bridge the gap to save and strengthen relations. It lessens the distance, they say. Hopelessly walking the so-called bridge. Yes, HOPELESSLY, 'Cause... Continue Reading →

Smoking soul.🚬

For all those who let go off their real soul like a mere smoke to get attention of others.

What is it?

(Picture Credits: scontent.cdninstagram) Wondering what is all this I'm gazing at the stars. A li'l sad, a li'l curious I'm here, sitting on the grass. Why couldn't life be as simple as a yes or no? Why my answers are always... Continue Reading →

Old wines.💔

Alone in the backseat of the car, I'm passing the same road. Can hear the echo of memories, hitting the right nostalgic chord. I can sense the winters being nearby, with the cold breeze striking my skin. Intimidating me to question... Continue Reading →

Pain? Bear it.☁💦

And today, Pain has taken hold of me,  has taken solid hold of my heart. I am mostly sane, I am mostly what they call the strongest soul. Yes,'mostly', but not this time not when I have dared to scribble as... Continue Reading →

Love: From fascination to fear.💔 -a journey.

Fascinating love, begins quite early in most of our lives. At around 13-14, maybe. Whoa! Those ' T E E N A G E ' years. *Sigh* When, flaunting the new beguiling biological changes withing us & our bodies, daydreaming... Continue Reading →

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