"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.



Please, let me.

With that soul a bit ripped. And that spirit fully knitted. I see you with that face. Just can't help but gaze. With those eyes fully drugged. And that shirt half tucked. I feel you, at least, I try to.... Continue Reading →

From tuna to melodic tune.

She was Moody yet again No, it wasn’t her menstrual cycle. Neither was any hormonal imbalance. It was all because of Michael. Michael, her so-called friend. Who ate all her tuna fish. Didn’t he know; If offered, tuna will be... Continue Reading →

Stop following me.

Picture Credits. Why do you come wherever I go Not throwing any tantrum But you really need to grow. Thank God That you’re nocturnal Feel less flawed For, you look a lot like a pearl. Yes, you’re pretty More than... Continue Reading →

I, a poem on self.

A mere attempt to tell my dear readers, fellow bloggers and the rest of the world who ends up here at my blog to feel the verbal seduction; to tell 'em all, what I am, what 'Ananya Sharma' is via my favorite writing style -poetry.

Glorified saint.

To our intimacy, That once bloomed. From infatuation to devotion, Our love groomed. Like a little petal, Turned pretty pink tulip. Like a fairy-fable, Turned sweet; soaked in choco dip. As Sacred and divine, As love of two divided lovers;... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gargi Kate. ❤

This one's for you Gargi Kate (on the right). For unknowingly being my life saver. Never had confidence in friendship. To me, it was like a sinking ship. Gradually losing its grip. Thought it'll simply sink. I know, you (Gargi)... Continue Reading →

Together were we.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) via Daily Prompt: Aromatic Together were we. You were to me like a morning coffee. Always made me happy. You were quite Aromatic drove me a bit lunatic. You were no romantic which was a li'l pathetic... Continue Reading →

A Cursed Subject.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) Oh mother, I crave peace. It's all very ugly like crease. Like creases on an officer's uniform. Like a sad guy without a girl at prom.  History full of violence. Future similar to its past tense. With stories... Continue Reading →

Filter: For lovers and cigarettes.

(Picture via Daily Prompt: Percolate It was the burning end of may While lighting up the third one that day, 'Filter's a must', you spoke. You knew I was all broke. 'You'll die a li'l late', you whispered. I remember... Continue Reading →

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