"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.



Why be a brat?

A relationship lacking Seriousness is like a mind full of mess. No matter how many thoughts you put in, the outcomes are feeble enough to walk to the bin. The spontaneity may bring in casual tee-hees'. But, it doesn't prep us... Continue Reading →

Best Friend.

Best Friend. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) Because there's no one like your best friend, right? Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

Since When?

Since When? (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) The even more scarier question is; "Until When" ? Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

To fear love.

To fear love. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) Didn't being in love was supposed to scare the soul out of us with the constant longing of being with your person? ❤ Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.  

Tear-dipped letters.

Tear-Dipped Letters. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) The letters that soaked in all my tears & told no one about my dullness. No one ever was more loyal than my letters. Wish to say something to me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

Art of Criticizing.

Out of the many art forms, criticizing is one. It might sound funny, but it sure is under the sun. The 'criticizing art', I call it. Dwell into it carefully, It'll either be a miss or a hit. There's no... Continue Reading →

Bleeding poetry.

Bleeding Poetry. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) And there's no better feeling than a heart bleeding poetry. Believe me, it's a feeling. A feeling; one gets addicted to. Then why would you link it with grief? Wish to say something to me? -Ananya, The... Continue Reading →

Fanatical lover.

Fanatical Lover. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) My love, I'll be your sun. In the longest run. To soak in your trouble. To hold you when you Tremble. Wish to say something to me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

Serendipity Dream.

Serendipity Dream. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) You may be better. But I need to be superior. I may not be. But I'll claim to be. I might not deserve to be one. But it is my turn. I need to be... Continue Reading →

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