"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


Lost. We lose ourselves. We lose the peculiarities we once carried with utmost proud. In the midst of finding the quite overrated 'love', unknowingly, we tend to become what they are. And, it'd be quite boring to love someone who... Continue Reading →


Karma; Hurt nature, it'll hurt you back soon.  We talk of nature and its beauty, And run away to hill stations to enjoy holidays. We talk of nature and its safety, But do we then run away to find the... Continue Reading →

Poetry, like love.

Because, Poetry. ❤ And the most beautiful part is, I don't ever want to be saved from drowning in it real deep. I don't ever want to come back from there, where words make love. It is my personal heaven.... Continue Reading →

Caged in leaves.

A picture of a baby pigeon hiding from the camera; behind the pot. It's apparently perplexed as to where I am as I too was hiding on the other side and caught this picture from somewhere at the top of... Continue Reading →

Born out of you.

I try to peek in, but you wouldn't let me, as if I'm a damned sin. Until when will I've to plea? After all, I'm born out of you, won't you give me benefit of doubt? -says, Shadow. ( A... Continue Reading →


It attracts you and me, I'm talking about 'Controversy'. Be it lame enough, Or an act too rough! We devote our attentions, even if it is mere fiction. Just as, a hungry tiger looks for target, we, humans look up... Continue Reading →

Oh Father, My Father

I thought you were… father.

Valentine's Fall


Lord I need you
I am a failure and a fool
What is right what is true
Oh Holy One with sovereign rule

Why won’t you answer me
I know you hear my call
Is it too late for me
Am I destined to fall

Make me loving, make me kind
Give me understand and a piece of mind
Make me wise, make me great
Defend me against those who lie and hate

Make me rich, make me happy
Let me fulfill the purpose you laid out for me
Make me Holy, make me strong
Convince me to tell no lie and do no wrong

You said You’d be my father
You said You’re be there
Oh Lord why don’t You answer me
Why don’t You care

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Blooming Beaut.

      Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. The blood red blooming beauty. Picture Credits. (Instagram: verbal.seduction) (Facebook: Verbal Seduction.) Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.        

Deep Veins.

Look at the stunning-deep-long veins running across this beauty. Well, that's my 'Orange Charmer'.  Atop Picture Credits. (Instagram: verbal.seduction) (Facebook: Verbal Seduction.) Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

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