"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.


Around the corner.


It attracts you and me, I'm talking about 'Controversy'. Be it lame enough, Or an act too rough! We devote our attentions, even if it is mere fiction. Just as, a hungry tiger looks for target, we, humans look up... Continue Reading →

Why be a brat?

A relationship lacking Seriousness is like a mind full of mess. No matter how many thoughts you put in, the outcomes are feeble enough to walk to the bin. The spontaneity may bring in casual tee-hees'. But, it doesn't prep us... Continue Reading →

A Cursed Subject.

(Picture Credits: Pinterest) Oh mother, I crave peace. It's all very ugly like crease. Like creases on an officer's uniform. Like a sad guy without a girl at prom.  History full of violence. Future similar to its past tense. With stories... Continue Reading →

End Terrorism: A pun?

(Picture Credits: Divine Tracks, killing 'em softly) Banned via Daily Prompt: Banned What these countries fight for? To become the most superior of all? If supremacy is their only aim, I can sense big humanitarian downfall. Rather than banning incendiaries and... Continue Reading →

Moral Incongruity: Irrational credence.

All ‘bout psychic prejudice. Do you have cosmic love for dogs? If yes, then you might feel maimed, reading this. So, this refers to a case that recently took place in Chennai, India. A medical student throws a dog off terrace. Quite... Continue Reading →

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