"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

Never forget to step in their shoes.



Poetry, like love.

Because, Poetry. ❤ And the most beautiful part is, I don't ever want to be saved from drowning in it real deep. I don't ever want to come back from there, where words make love. It is my personal heaven.... Continue Reading →

Born out of you.

I try to peek in, but you wouldn't let me, as if I'm a damned sin. Until when will I've to plea? After all, I'm born out of you, won't you give me benefit of doubt? -says, Shadow. ( A... Continue Reading →

Trapped in your curse.

In your thoughts, Immersed so deep. Too deep I've gone, I need to take a leap. A leap so requisite, to jump out of your hallucinations. Don't misunderstand it for reverie. They are your mere awful visions. Visions of you in love,... Continue Reading →

The heart he stole.

The heart he stole. "And all this only because, I'm in desperate need of one. That 'one' which you have." (Instagram: verbal.seduction) (Facebook: Verbal Seduction.) Any secret message for me? .-Ananya, The Verbal Seduction. Advertisements. Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 32GB) Lenovo... Continue Reading →

No one but you.

No one but you. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) Any secret message for me? You came up to me with heck of an assurance. How could I not believe you? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.


A Man turned Lovers' desire. Her lips were Juicy and red. Tempting enough to picture her in bed. She filled me with so much of lust. The pervert in me now knew stardust. Just as dusk turns dawn. My 'lust' came and... Continue Reading →

My Summers’ night.

You're like my summers' night. Soaked naturally in darkest of darkness. Yet, decorated with the brightest of lights. Staring at me, teaching the divinity of calmness. Picture Credits. verbal.seduction Any secret message for me? -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

Love of the rarest kind.

Love of the rarest kind. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) Any secret message for me? To your first ever partner whom you promised all your heart, love and life. -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction. Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (White, 16 GB) -... Continue Reading →

My Valentine.

My Valentine. (Follow on Insta: verbal.seduction) Any secret message for me? I'm loving you from far, Much like a star. I'm loving you just fine, As if you are mine. -Ananya, The Verbal Seduction.

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